Top Model – short hair styles

If you’re looking for more short hair inspirations, then here are a few more on trend looks we’ll be pushing out of the salons this season.

Agyness Deyn has always been a trend setter but you can’t go past the classic short crop made stronger by lightening to a solid platinum blonde.  This look can be worn polished by slicking smooth and straight using styling gel, or can be matte and textured using a dry wax.

Moving into a bob shape?  Keep it simple and a little imperfect.  What makes this look so special is it’s natural texture, letting the hair be hair.  A great shampoo and conditioner and a very light serum on the midlengths and ends is all you need to calm the frizz.

Cecilia Mendez wears a great short haircut leaving it natural in colour and a little bolder in the fringe.  She has a petite boyish face and pulls this look off perfectly.  Very little styling product is needed if the shape of the haircut moulded well to suit the face.  This look is wash and wear.


Sophie Lowe & Gracie Otto – Get the Look

Latest Article on Marie Claire Australia Online

Sophie Lowe

The star of Beautiful Kate opted for an edgy up-do at this year’s IF Awards.

“Sophie has great style and was going for a stunning yet edgier look for the IF Awards this year,” said ghd Hair Director, Hamish Glianos from People Hairdressing. “She wanted her hair to reflect her outfit so we went for a really textured ponytail pulled back tight and high with lots of texture throughout the hair.”

To get the look:

1. Add texture to the hair by drying lots of ghd maximise mousse throughout

2. Scrape the hair back into a high ponytail above the crown of the head and secure with elastic, teasing the hair with your hands as you go

3. Mist ghd sea spray throughout the ponytail for a matt texture and work throughout the hair

4. Use the ghd Gold Classic styler to texture set the hair in the ponytail

5. Add hold to the look by spraying ghd ultimate hairspray

Gracie Otto

A romantic wavy up-do was the style of choice for the youngest Otto.

“Gracie was wearing a black dress in a ruffled, textured fabric with a higher feature neckline so we went for an up look for her to showcase the neckline of the dress,” said Glianos. “Gracie wanted her hair pulled up so we went for an effortless looking twisted bun as opposed to a tight, sleek hair do.”

To get the look:

1. Start by applying a generous amount of ghd maximise mousse to the hair and dry it through

2. Leave out a 2 inch wide section of hair around the hairline and pull the middle of the hair up into a high ponytail

3. Loosely wrap the hair into a bun, pinning in place

4. Spray ghd thermal protector lightly through the hair

5. Use a ghd Gold Classic styler to water wave the loose pieces of hair left out – do this by moving the Gold Classic styler in one direction through the hair, then in the opposite direction creating a wave like effect

6. Pull the remaining loose hair back into the bun softly using your fingers

7. Finish by lightly misting ghd ultimate hairspray

Emma Watson Short Hair

OK, if you’re brave enough and have the confidence to wear this look, then go all the way short and crop into the Mia Farrow inspired crop.  This look can be worn textured with a light wax or sleek using a polishing serum.  I love that Emma Watson has become a style icon with this look and she pulls it off perfectly.

Keira Knightly’s new bob hairstyle

How good does she look?  I have never been a massive fan of Keira’s hairstyles but this is by far my fave.  What makes this look so special is the length the hair falls on the jawline.  This is the most important factor when deciding on a bob hairstyle as this can make or break your look.  To achieve this texture, apply a thickening foam into wet hair and blow dry with a small to medium round brush curving the ends under.  I would advice against the use of ghd’s as this will kill the hair’s movement.  Finish with a Matte Putty and off you go.

The Shoulder Length Bob

This year I have been so inspired by the shoulder length bob and ironically it has been one of the most requested haircuts at PEOPLE Hairdressing.  This look is best worn with it’s natural texture.  To achieve this, apply maximise mousse into wet hair, finger dry in and finish with a polishing serum.

Inside Film Awards 2010

Last night I was Hair Director for the IF Awards 2010.  Here is a peek at the red carpet looks created by the PEOPLE Hairdressing team.   ghd Hair Australia were our fantastic sponsors


Going Red?

From long and blonde, to short highlighted and textured, to sleek savvy and bold red.  A very dramatic look but classy all the same.  I love that Carmen can be so experimental and has the confidence to pull off such a bold colour.  This is the right colour choice for her complexion.